Looking for  best cheap mountain bikes under $300? When buying a mountain bike, one must keep a lot of things in mind. These include its stability, its durability, its sturdiness, how easy it is to shift gears, does it give you comfort and does it fit what you prefer style-wise.

But the most important point to tick off is if it is affordable especially when you have a small budget. Our list will help you with just that as we have carefully gone through many bikes and selected the best cheap mountain bikes under $300 just for you.

SCHWINN HIGH TIMBER- Best Cheap Mountain Bikes Under $300

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is first on our list for the Best Cheap Mountain Bikes under $300. This bike is perfect whether you’re using it to get to work or as a mountain bike for leisure.


The bike comes with Shimano derailleurs for easy gear shifting. Also included are v-brakes, which are linear-pull brakes, which are perfect for shaving off some speed when riding. 

This bike comes in two different sizes, the 12″ and the 18″ frame. The 12″ frames contain 24″ wheels which make it easier to have control over when riding it over rough terrains. The 18″ frame comes along with the choice of 27.5″ or 29″ wheels.

The 12″ frame is perfect for smaller people while the 24″ frame is for taller ones. Also included on the bike’s wheels is a quick release lever which helps in quickly fixing when a puncture occurs.

The Schwinn comes with a 21 speed gear system for easy climbing on rough terrains. Also included are a responsive handlebar, comfortability and easy shifting between gears. The brakes are incredibly responsive and give you complete control over the bike and ensure stability throughout the ride.


The frame for the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is made up of solid steel. This does though make the bike a bit heavier than others but this, in turn, makes the bike stronger and sturdy. It comes in a total of 6 different colors which include black, matte black, silver, grey, blue and teal and gives it a nice shiny look.


The brakes included on this bike are linear pull brakes as aforementioned which give the rider control and braking power no matter where you’re riding it whether that is on a smooth or rough terrain, whether that is in clear or rainy weather. The brakes are made up of alloy and are v shaped brakes.
The gear system includes 21 speed derailleurs and SRAM shifters which help the bike catch more speed and help in easy stopping. 


The wheels used for this bike are of three different sizes, the 24 inch, the 27.5 inch, the 29 inch. The most used sizes are the 27.5 and 29 inch ones.


  • The bike is easy and quick to assemble
  • It has the option to choose between two different sizes and three different wheel size
  • The bike is strong and durable because of the high quality material used to make the mountain bike
  • The Schwinn comes with a Shimano 21 speed and derailleurs
  • It comes with an affordable price tag for everyone
  • The bike is sturdy thus giving you a smooth ride on any sort of terrain
  • Easy to remove seat and wheels
  • The bike is light in weight


  • The seat can be a tad bit uncomfortable
  • It does not include any component to hold a bottle
  • The bike can be a bit heavier than others in this list
  • This bike is not suitable for bikers with a height of less than 5 feet
  • It might require some upgrading for a couple of parts


This bike, one of the est cheap mountain bikes under $300, is a great investment for those who are willing to spend less and get a whole lot of features along with it. It might need some upgrading but it is sure to last you a long time.


The Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike is next on our list for the Best Cheap Mountain Bikes under $300. This bike has a frame made up of aluminum and contains full suspension which is a light dual suspension.

The suspension used in this mountain bike is an Element suspension fork which is in the color black. Also, the 21 speed feature is put together using components made by two of the leading bike component companies.

The wheels are made up of alloy and are of the size 29 inches which are incredibly reliable especially on rough terrains. It also includes disc brakes which give you stopping power even in the wet weather. Let’s dig in detail:

Bike Features

The features included on this bike are unlike found on any other mountain bike. The Mongoose Impasse includes an aluminum frame and a full suspension front fork. The bike also comprises of SRAM twist shifters and Shimano gearing. 29 inch wheels and front and rear brakes are also a feature of the bike.


Included in the mountain bike is a dual full suspension bike which is light in weight and sturdy. The element front suspension fork works well with the suspension frame made out of aluminum giving the rider a smoother and comfortable ride. Also, an added bonus is a rear shock suspension that is the feature that lets the rider easily maneuver their way on different land types.

This also helps in shock absorbing so that even when riding over an uneven surface, your body undergoes the least amount of stress as possible. This is so that the rider can be safe and comfortable without getting tired no matter the amount of time you ride the bike.


The Mongoose includes both front and rear alloy disc brakes. These are made out of the highest quality material and are quite stylish as well. These brakes give the rider complete control over the bike and power to stop no matter where or what you ride the bike on.


This mountain bike comes with alloy wheels of the size 29 inches. This helps give more surface contact and grip over the road while you’re out riding the bike. The wheels work well on any sort of terrain and are quite durable. They can be used on any terrain; smooth and rough ones. The wheels also contain the feature of quick release in case of any punctures so that the rider is at ease.


The derailleurs included on this bike are the Shimano 21 speed rear derailleurs that help in easy shifting from one gear to the next. The combination of this derailleur with other components for gear shifting results in an outclass performance, unlike any other bike. The bike also comes with the SRAM twist shifter component which is greatly helpful especially for beginner level bike riders.


  • The bike easy to assemble
  • The Impasse is made up of high quality material
  • The components used are trustworthy as they are made by leading companies in this business
  • The mountain bike is light in weight
  • It ensures that the ride is smooth and comfortable
  • The bike comes with a low price tag thus making it quite affordable
  • It can be used by riders of all heights
  • The brakes used on the bike of good quality and give you great braking power and control


  • Maintenance and tuning is required by the bike
  • The frame of the bike is a bit small
  • The brake has levers which are found to be of lower quality so they may have to be replaced
  • The packaging of the bike is not good
    The bike also doesn’t include any holders


This bike, one of the best cheap mountain bikes under $300, is said to be a really incredible bike by most of those who ride. As it contains features such as full suspension, high quality brakes and wide 29″ tires which give you great control over the bike. All of this but with a price tag less than $300. The Mongoose Impasse Mountain bike is great for beginners as well as professionals.


The Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike is also one of the best cheap mountain bikes under $300. This bike is a budget bike made up of a steel frame. It includes a steel crown suspension fork which helps in absorbing shock when on rough terrain.

Also, a part of the mountain bike is the 26″ alloy rimmed wheels which help the bike in being light in weight. On the bike, you will also find linear pull brakes which will give you stopping power as well as 21 speed SRAM twist shifters.

This bike is perfect especially for beginner level bike riders and is quite affordable as well making this the most affordable in our list of bikes. But the forks that have been fitted on the bike have been done so in the opposite direction so you might need to get that checked out and then fixed as well.

Feature of this bike

The Roadmaster has linear pull brakes so to provide you with complete control over the bike no matter where you’re riding it or what surface you’re riding it on. The wheels are also alloy rimmed ones which reduce the weight and are a third of the weight of the steel rims.


The frame is made up of solid steel frame and steel handlebars which makes them sturdy and durable. Thus it will protect you and remain undamaged during your ride. 


The wheels used on the bike are 26″ sized which is perfect for rough terrains. They also provide the bike rider with more handle and power over the bike.


The gears of the Roadmaster have SRAM drive twist shifters which give the rider ease when shifting between gears. It comes with 18 speeds and gives the rider protection.


  • The assembling of the bike is easy and not a lot of time consuming
  • The bike can undergo extreme damage and be unharmed as it is quite sturdy
  • The design is simple and unique which makes it stand out from the rest
  • The bike provides the rider with a smooth and comfortable ride
  • The bike is durable


  • The bike does not come assembled when shipped to you
  • The gears are found to work slowly
  • The seat can be a little uncomfortable


This bike may not be able to compete with other best cheap mountain bikes under $300 with the number of features present on it but it comes with a great price tag. Furthermore, it can be upgraded to your liking and preferences. The mountain bike is incredible, especially for learners. It gives the owner durability, sturdiness as well as excellent performance. The price of the bike is just the cherry on top.


The Kent T-29 is a 29″ mountain bike which is included in our list for the Best Cheap Mountain Bikes under $300. This bike is great for anyone who does not have a big budget for when they want to buy themselves a mountain bike because you can slowly invest little by little an upgrade it however you like according to your preferences. 


The frame of this bike is made up of 6061 aluminum and also includes an A headset which will help when you want to upgrade the suspension fork. Also available in this model is the option to choose a different material for the frame of the bike.

You can also choose to use stainless steel to make up the frame. The steel is a little less susceptible to damage while the aluminum is lighter and faster in comparison. The aluminum is heat treated and thus provides better durability. 


The Kent Thruster T-29 bike comes with a front suspension and is an incredible find in under $300


The Kent Thruster bike features a dual rim brake system. These brakes provide excellent control and handle over the bike. They are easy to maintain as well. Also included in the bike are the Shimano shifters and derailleurs which help in easy shifting between gears when riding the bike. It contains a total of 21 gears which are required to easily gain speed.


The wheels of the 29″ alloy rims are massive but this does not mean that they are incredibly heavy contrary to belief they are actually quite light in weight. This helps in the bike running faster and more smoothly. Alloy rims have proven to give the rider much more control over the bike than steel rims.

The tires are sturdy and durable thus they can easily be run over in any sort of terrain, rough or smooth. The material of the tire also gives a greater grip on the road. The tires included on the bike are 29″ x 2.1″ tires so that it is easy for you to ride it on rough terrains. These wheels will compensate for not having any sort of rear suspension on the bike and thus also absorb shocks.


  • The frame has proven to be sturdy and thus can withstand damages
  • The bike gives great control and handle to the rider
  • The Kent Thruster T-29 is simple yet elegant in style
  • It is easy to assemble by even beginners
  • The wheels are light in weight
  • The wheels provide great grip on the road
  • It is incredibly affordable and budget friendly
  • People of all ranges of height can ride this bike
  • The suspension provides easy shifting between gear


  • The seat has to be replaced or upgraded over time as it can get uncomfortable
  • The handlebar height cannot be adjusted according to your preference which is a feature that can be found in other bikes
  • The Kent Thruster T-29 does not have disc brakes which is quite an easy feature to find in most of the latest models
  • It might cause back or neck stress to taller riders as they have to lean over to reach the handlebars


The bike is great for both beginner and expert bike riders. The bike is light in weight and quite stylish. Along with this, the bike is quite affordable as well.


Next on our list of best cheap mountain bikes under $300 is the Stowabike MTB V2 bike. This bike includes dual suspension and 18 speed gears. This bike is an excellent decision for those who would like to use this bike for their daily commute as well as a hobby of riding on mountains.

A plus point to this bike is that it can easily be folded so that it is easier for you to carry no matter where you’re going. This bike is well made and includes components which though of high quality are available at quite affordable rates. It also comes in two colors white and black so you can now decide which one you prefer more.


The frame of the bike is 26″ in size and is made out of cast iron. This material can make it a tad bit heavier than most bikes found in the market. It is easy to assemble and you will receive all the tools you require along with the bike in the package.

The Stowabike weighs in at 36 lbs. The rims of the bike are made up of an alloy which prevents any sort of corrosion from occurring and it also makes it scratch resistant. The seat of the bike is well padded and comfortable. The bike also includes V brakes for added security which have been made out of steel.


The frame of the Stowabike MTB V2 bike can easily be folded. It may not fit in most places but it is quite easy to travel with it to short distances. The frame of the bike folds from the front of the bike. To use this feature, you will first have to unlock it using a safety handle found in the vicinity of your saddle. It is easy to fold the bike’s frame, you only need to lift the pin and bend the frame in half.


The bike is easy to maneuver from rough to smooth surfaces. The gear shifts help in easy transitioning between the 18 speed. You get more control and handle over the bike. Also, the dual suspension fork is shock absorbent thus helping you have a smooth ride while you ride over rough terrain. 


  • It is incredibly affordable
  • The bike is portable as it can be easily folded
  • It looks stunning and is sturdy
  • The Stowabike MTB V2 has incredible brakes that give you great stopping power
  • It gives a great performance while on and off the road
  • The shock absorption is a great bonus feature


  • The wheels are a little difficult to remove and replace
  • The instructions in the manual can seem to be a little confusing
  • This bike can be a bit on the heavier side when compared to others
  • The components of this bike are quite cheap


This bike, unlike any other best cheap mountain bikes under $300, has a folding feature. The bike is also quite affordable as well as portable. Along with this, the bike is stunning to look at. With the number of features present on this bike, it is quite a steal.



The Dynacraft is also included on our list for the best cheap mountain bikes under $300. It is sturdy, durable and gives a lot of handle over your bike.


The derailleurs included on the Dynacraft are made by the trusted company Shimano. They provide smoothness but not a lot of friction. This is great for a mountain bike as friction leads to a lesser life for the bike.


The front suspension fork absorbs a large number of shocks to ensure that your ride is a smooth one. They include two parts; a spring as well as a damper. They help by taking up a lot of the friction so that if you ride your bike over any sort of uneven terrain it will absorb the different amount of shocks.

Front forks have proven to be much better at absorbing shocks rather than rear ones because when you go over terrain you tend to move forwards thus you’ll require the maximum amount of shock to be absorbed there to keep you safe. The spring attached to the fork also grows tighter with time thus it slowly absorbs more and more shocks.


Then Alpine Eagle contains the 21 speed feature. The first 7 gears are designed for traveling uphill while gears 8 to 14 will help you gain speed without you exerting yourself. The gears 15 to 21 will be your fastest gears. Thus you will gain a huge range of speeds no matter where you ride your bike.


Bike stands can be pretty costly and an added expense when it comes to bikes especially if you don’t want it to be lying around on the ground after you have ridden on it. The Dynacraft Alpine Eagle bike helps in cutting out this very expense. It includes a free bike stand that comes along with the package. It is quite easy to assemble and will last you a long while. 


  • The derailleurs included on the bike are quite efficient
  • The braking system will give you great stopping power over the bike
  • The rims of the wheels are made up of ally thus making them lighter
  • The alloy rims also ensure that you have a better riding experience
  • The lube helps the gear shifting of the derailleurs
  • The shock absorbing capacity is very high thus resulting in an overall smoother experience when riding the bike on rough terrain
  • The bike is also quite affordable


  • The instructions on the manual of assembling the bike can be confusing so it’s better to seek professional advice or help
  • The handlebars have to be set according to your preference
    The bike requires a lot of maintenance


This best cheap mountain bike under $300 is a wonderful bike for uneven terrain. The derailleurs are quite efficient and the brakes are made of good quality. The alloy rims give the bike a great grip on the terrain and are light in weight. They also help in absorbing shocks.



Thruster KZ2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is one of the Best Cheap Mountain Bikes under $300. This bike is amazing for beginners as well as those who have been biking for years. The frame of this bike is durable and incredibly light in weight. The wheels of this mountain are wide and give extreme grip over the road. The bike also includes a suspension system unlike any other.

All of these components are made up of good quality material. This bike is going to last you a long while as it undergoes any kind of damage and is also suitable to drive in any sort of weather.

The Kent comes in two colors dark black and blue with a powder finish which gives it a trendy expensive look. The size of the frame is 19″ and works well for riders with height in between five feet four inches to six feet. 


The suspension on this bike is a dual full suspension. The front suspension is a floating beam suspension which is quite long lasting. The travel suspension fork is 65mm in size and it is welded tightly to the frame of the bike.

This helps the bike absorb any sort of shocks and gives the rider full control and handle over the bike. It can be ridden on any sort of terrain and the ride will still be the smoothest ride you’ve ever had.


The shifters on this bike are 21 speed and as they are made by the company Shimano are quite trustworthy. They will easily be able to transition between gears on any sort of terrain and it will be quick.


Thruster KZ2600 features the 26″ x 2.1″ tires. These tires will give incredible grip no matter where you might right this bike; whether it’s rough or smooth terrain. Due to this grip, you will have great control over the mountain bike. The material used to make the tires is durable and strong and is of the best quality.

They will also give you velocity and great balance while you ride your bike. the rim of the tire is made up of alloy due to which the rim becomes quite strong and light in weight. Thus not adding a lot of weight to the bike itself. It will also give your bike a stylish look unlike any other.


  • The design of the bike gives it a unique and exensive look
  • The bike is light in weight as well as sturdy due to the frame and rims of the wheels being made out of aluminum
  • Dual suspension is included in the bike which contains both a floating beam as well as a 65mm travel fork
  • It includes a front disc brake
  • The bike is weather resistant and anticorrosion
  • The price of the Kent Thruster KZ2600 is incredibly low making it quite affordable
  • The bike contains Shimano shifters, 21 speed levels as well as a tourney rear derailleur
  • The wheel size is 26″ by 2.1″


  • As the bike contains two different brakes, it will take some time to adjust
  • The braking distance for the bike is much bigger than in most bike models available
  • The 65mm fork gives great power especially on rough terrain
  • The seat might a little uncomfortable after a while so it will need to be changed or upgraded


This bike is great for your weekend adventures as well as your daily commute. It can carry a maximum weight of 300lbs. The bike has to be assembled because it comes unassembled. But all in all, the bike has a great many features included in it along with a low price. 


This bike is an aluminum full suspension mountain bike. The bike is made up of high quality material which helps make it more durable. Also included in the bike is the feature of 21 gears as well as SRAM twist shifters and the rear derailleurs made by the company Shimano.

The aluminum frame is reinforced to make it more sturdy so as to lessen the amount of damage. The wheels are made up of alloy with a size of 26″ by 2.1″.

They give you better control over the bike as well as a better grip over the road. The bike also comes with a 5-year warranty for its frame, a 1-year warranty for its parts and 30 days’ warranty for its wearable parts.


The frame of the bike is made up of aluminum which is high quality material and it makes it light in weight. The aluminum is also more sturdy and durable and it can be ridden on any sort of terrain. This feature is usually found on higher end bikes but this one is quite affordable. The frame is of two sizes; a 16 inch as well as an 18 inch one. It also includes a feature to adjust the height according to your preferences.


The suspension on this bike is a full suspension. The fork on the front helps in smoothing out any sorts of shocks and bumps while you ride your bike on rough, uneven terrain. This will help make your ride more comfortable and smoother. It will also result in lesser strain and stress over your back and neck which is a great feature for a mountain bike since biking on steeper and uneven terrain can be exhausting.


  • The body of the bike is aluminum and is light in weight
  • The feature of height adjustment is an added bonus
  • The suspension forks help in shock absorbent
  • The bike has 21 speed levels
  • The Shimano rear derailleurs give greater control over the bike
  • SRAM twist shifters help in easy gear shifting
  • The tires help in having a greater grip over the road


  • The bike is a little heavy
  • The seat can get a little uncomfortable over time


All in all, this is a great bike to have and an incredible investment. It has all the features one requires in their mountain bike. 


This bike is perfect for those who are beginners in mountain bike riding and thus it comes next as one of the best cheap mountain bikes under $300. It comes with a great many features and is quite trustworthy as the company that produces it is a well-established brand. It will give you speed, comfortability as well as confidence while you ride either in smooth or rough terrains. The components of the bike are made up of high quality material.


The frame of the bike is made up of aluminum and it is incredibly light in weight. It gives it durability and sturdiness. It can also withstand great damage and absorb shocks.


This bike comes mostly assembled. But you will have to put the rest together using the manual that comes along with the package. You can use the instructions to guide you in doing so. You can also seek professional help in case you need it.


The wheels used in this bike are the Vitesse wheelset. These wheels are incredibly strong and durable. They are sturdy and help give a greater grip on the road. The seat of the bike is comfortable as it is padded. It is also adjustable using a clamp present underneath it.


The suspension is made by the company Shimano which is quite a trustworthy brand. This makes the bike a great absorbent of shocks and helps in shifting between gears easier on the rider. This results in a smoother and more comfortable ride for the bike rider. Pros
  • The bike is quite affordable
  • The frame of the bike is made up of aluminum which makes it lightweight
  • The suspension fork of the bike helps give good control
  • 26 inch wheels help in greater traction
  • The seat of the bike is adjustable
  • The bike is easy to assemble
  • There is no water bottle holder
  • The cable for the front brake is long


This bike is a great buy. It is light in weight, shock absorbent as well affordable. It will give you great control over the bike during your ride. 

Conclusion for best cheap mountain bikes under $300 

All in all, this article will help you choose just the right bike for you. It will include various bikes with a range of prices but one that will fit your budget and it also includes bikes that have a whole variety of features present in them. And along with that, it will also fit your personal style. 


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