Looking for best hybrid bikes under 200? You may already know that hybrid/urban bike is a mesh of mountain bikes and road bikes.

If you need this bike for commuting then this is the ideal option. You can experience trail riding or leisure riding with hybrid bikes. The cycling industry values hybrid bikes for several reasons, as it not only posses the ideal steel frame but also owns lightweight aluminum ones.

 There are several hybrid bikes under $200 out there which are popular and makes a perfect fit for cruising through town. But the question remains what is the best bet. There are several factors to consider before settling on a final choice for a hybrid bike. One cannot narrow down the search by considering the price alone.

 The problem persists of digging out just the best. To save up your time, this article has detailed the bikes which should make up your list. It aims to drill down the perfect options for the best hybrid bikes under 200 dollars so that not only it could live up to your standards but also fulfills your riding style. With that said, let’s dig in. 

 Schwinn Men's Wayfare
Kent Springdale Men'sSchwinn GTX ComfortKENT Men's AvondaleVilano Diverse 1.0Vilano Men's 700c Schwinn Capital 700c Murtisol Aluminum 26" Roadmaster Granite Peak
Roadmaster 700c Adventures

FrameSteel retro urban style frame

Lightweight aluminum frameAluminum Step-Through or Step-Over Frame6061 AluminumHydroformed Alloy Performance Hybrid FrameRetro Urban Style Steel Frame, 53cmSchwinn aluminum hybrid frameLightweight aluminum material frameLightweight frameDurability Steel multi-sport frame
BrakesAlloy front and rear brakesLinear pull brakesDisc BrakesLinear Pull Aluminum (V-brakes)Alloy linear pull cantilever V-brakesLinear Pull BrakesFront and rear alloy V brakesFront Promax brakes with rear linear-pull brakesLinear pull brakes,Front and rear handbrakes
Speed7-speed shifters and Schwinn rear derailleur21 Speed21-24-Speed Shimano DrivetrainShimano Tourney (7speed)21 Speed Shimano7 Speed Twist Grip ShiftersShimano 21 speed EZ-Fire shifters with Shimano rear derailleur21 Speeds Derailleur18 speeds7-speed
Editor's Rating8.38.38.688.68.48.8988
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Schwinn Men’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bike

Inspired by steel frames from the 70s? Then one of the best hybrid bikes under 200 , Schwinn Wayfarer, offers a great simple retro look in this modern world.


The potential problems related to bike maintenance often hit due to lack of one-by drivetrain where gear is in the front and seven at the rear, but wayfarer has got the riders covered here. But seven gears seem to limit the riders on rugged terrain, as the bike itself is heavy.

Compare to the coast there are some unexpectedly surprising features like the inclusion of fenders, chain guard and a rear rack. The best things about this adds-on are that these are specifically designed for this bike and are not those generic pieces fitted in.
The lifetime warranty wins the credibility of the riders and thus many are confident for this investment. This can be not be termed as a lightweight bike owing to the steel used.
Apart from offering a retro appeal, the steel frames comfort the riders by absorbing the road vibrations.


  • Elegant matching added features ( fenders, chainguard, & rack)
  • Low-quality parts or damage can be compensated for a lifetime warranty


  • The 7-speed drivetrain limits the riders at difficult terrain.
  • Damage can be expected upon shipment but lifetime warranty has got you covered.


Ultimately, the Schwinn Wayfarer offers a good deal. Nothing too fancy yet it doesn’t fail to impress with its classy appeal. This may not be the ideal option for those riders who are used to ride on rugged platforms. Thus, it is limited to the versatility it offers. Though, it makes a good option for daily commuters and casual riders.

Kent Springdale Men’s Hybrid Bicycle, Black

This another best hybrid bike under 200 is a recreational bike which offers a very smooth commute. Seat installation is done in such a way that it offers a well balanced, extremely comfortable upright position.

700c Kent Northwoods Springdale is highly versatile, as it offers adventurous entertainment-filled journey whether be it for cruising to work, trail riding or pedaling away with friends.

This Multipurpose bike can become even a perfect fit for your long-distance commute. Offers no hinderance in a difficult terrain thus ensures a high comfort level.


700c wheels own cool high profile alloy rims which make the bike more durable. This bike owns alloy stem which makes it robust while never failing to provide support.
Being Lightweight (weigh around 35lbs), this bike ensures comfortable and easy long-distance rides. It offers 21 speeds which makes it highly adjustable for off and on paths coupled with Shimano Tourney rear derailleur which efficiently controls speed and agility.

A rider can be confident while bringing it to a halt, all credits to linear-pull brakes for such stopping power. Seat replacement is not a hard nut to crack with its quick-release mechanism. This is not only best for leisure but also well-suited for burning good calories.

It provides a useful feature of quick-release seat clamp so that you are fully comforted during your leisure ride. Additionally, a rear rack is sure to come in handy, as it makes storage and transportation of items quite easy.


The high-quality construction material makes it even more worthy of the price. There are several features which turn out to be strong and durable like an ultra-light aluminum frame. Many riders own this perception and have often witnessed that lightweight bikes are not very solid. But Springdale 21 stands sturdy while being capable of resisting damages. Decent quality material ensures its longevity. 


  • Designed with premium quality components
  • Easily adjustable for slopy terrain
  • Offers quick halt
  • Short travel front suspension
  • Appreciable brakes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly ranked


  • The rare problem of a gearing system
  • No disc brakes


Quality best hybrid bikes under 200It is fairly prices thus your money gets offered with worth. Its setbacks can be ignored for the price it comes with. As the features and quality are more than what is generally expected for a low price.

Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike Line with Front Suspension

This is another one of the best hybrid bikes under 200 from Schwinn. From the name, you can assume that this bike prioritizes the comfort of users the most.


Riders are presented with a wide array of colors ( blue, sky blue, black, pink, and a combination of black & yellow). The Schwinn GTX owns a 16-18 inch step over an aluminum frame .


As far as the efficiency of the bike is concerned then it offers a 21-24 speed Shimano drivetrain with 700c wheels. This little guy also ensures that every part of this bike gives you a significant amount of energy.

It features a 21-24 speed Shimano drivetrain along with 700c wheels.
It is highly versatile and thus can be used for varied sports. It must functional feature is appreciable.


This bike comprises of high-quality tires and aluminum frame which speaks for its durability. Added front suspension protects the rider from rugged and bumpy platforms.


Durable materials do not multiply the weight of the bike and let it remain super lightweight. Its weight ease the riders with comfort not only while riding but also during assembling.


  • Top-notch materials ensure longevity
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable front rim
  • Increased efficiency owing to 21-24 speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Efficiently designed components like wheels for higher speed


  • One may experience the noise of clicking (from pedals)
  • Clicking noise in the pedals


A great combination of design and performance is not found in every bike thus Schwinn GTX is worth consideration.

KENT Men’s Avondale Hybrid Bicycle with Sure Stop Brakes

This one of the best hybrid bikes under 200 may not be attention-grabbing at first but your  perception will change upon ride.


One of the most exciting features of Avondale is that it offers super past braking system. As the brakes are directly in connection with a single brake lever situated on the handlebars. Once the brakes are applied, the rear gets engaged and the front brake smoothly gets into action.

Many a time, riders just grab front brake very hard, often in the emergency which makes them jump over the handlebars. But the designed of Avondale braking system is shaped in such a way that riders protection is ensured.

If a rider has been used to a standard braking system then one would need a bit of time to adjust to a single lever on but at least safety would not be on stakes.

Apart from the brake system, the bike offers quite the same features as a standard hybrid bike. Rough paths are easily dealt with quality wheels, tires and 21-speed Shimano drivetrain integrated to an aluminum frame.

Fear of theft of wheels is not uncommon. Thus instead of having quick-release levers, Avondale’s wheels possess bolt-on hubs.

Attention-needed areas:

Avondale can not be termed as the most comfortable bike as the seat is not perfectly cushioned. Though Avondale offers adjustable handlebar, it is quite difficult to actually move it. Fine-tuning may help but it will add cost to the rider. Pedals may also need upgrading, as it depends on the rider’s comfort level.


  • Innovative Sure Stop single lever brake
  • Reliable Shimano drivetrain ensure smooth running
  • Bolted hubs is a good addition


  • Fine-tuning required for seat and handlebar adjustment


This cheap and best hybrid bikes under 200 is the perfect fit for someone who scales safety as the highest priority. Apart from the innovative braking system, there is not any extraordinary feature which is present in this hybrid bike but not other ones. It is just any other hybrid bike with decent performance.

Vilano Diverse 1.0 Performance Hybrid Bike

This easy to assemble bike under $200 serves many purposes and the rider is not only limited to commuting. One can avail it for a fun-filled weekend ride or for fitness essentials.


One can easily term it as a tough built which offer optimum performance. It is quite versatile and can be used as an entry-level and trail bike. The bike is fully equipped with stability-oriented design with high speed.

This bike does not fail to impress in looks as well as performance. It owes its durability to hydroformed Alloy Performance Hybrid Frame (+ steel forks).

It owns diverse features like lightweight 6061 aluminum frame meshed with a straight blade. Talking about its 700c rims and Kendra 700x35c tires, then these are tough build which offers evenly leveled traction on all types of surfaces.

The gear change becomes much easier with Shimano Revo twist shifters, and there hasn’t been noted complaints about rough shifts thus ride with precision. Additionally, the bike offers free pedals and mounting area.

This rider-friendly and budget adapted bike offers ideal levers and integrated brakes which makes the commute on valleys much more smoother and easier. As far as Alloy linear-pull cantilever V-brakes are concerned then these are fashioned with great stopping ability, better than average.

Usage and Comfort:

The bike can certainly be considered as a standard one for daily commutes. You can even perform solo rides across the country with this companion. What else one can look for such a pocket-friendly price. It’s a good deal for comfort, riders can ease out the strain of their shoulder over flat handlebars without tiring away.


  • The assembling of Vilano diverse is pretty easy
  • Performance oriented
  • Owns Shimano TX trigger 7 speed rear shifter + 3-speed front shifters


  • Kickstand unavailable
  • Assembly is a bit tricky
  • Gear alignment needs attention


This hybrid bike under 200 has been rated positively. Its performance coupled with its price makes it quite a decent choice for a quality hybrid bike. This can be your choice for long rides if you make proper adjustments accordingly. This commuter bike could further gain much more attention with added suspension and kickstand.

Vilano Diverse has 3 successful versions and even bike version under $200 doesn’t fail to satisfy the riders. If you have a budget then you must check Vilano diverse 2.0 or Vilano divers 3.0. Else, Vilano Diverse 1.0 is the best bet in your budget of less than 100. This lightweight bike can be termed as one of the best hybrid bikes under 200 for being a good bargain for the money.

Vilano Men’s Hybrid Bike 700c Retro City Commuter by Vilano

If you travel daily at short distances then this retro urban styled-ten hi steel frame can be your option of best hybrid bikes under 200 dollars.


It is designed such that it can readily accommodate people of varying weights. Its handlebars add a classic touch. It owes its even ride majorly to 700c wheels meshed with 700c x35c tires. A rider need not strain every nerve for stopping, as its linear-pull brake controls situated on either side of handlebars doesn’t require the additional pressure. The steel frame offers durability and its other feature adds on the longevity.

Attention-Needed Areas:

A rider has to bear in mind that twist grip shifters will require lubrication after some time, though they work perfectly well. As far as the suspension saddle is concerned, then it is a bit narrow which can make the rider feel uncomfortable at times. Rider’s hand will not turn rough or strain as the leather handlebar are quite soft but do need weekly cleaning.


  • Front/rear chrome fenders/splash guard
  • Riders can mount their Water bottle
  • 7-speed
  • Spring-loaded chrome rear rack
  • Platform pedals with locking kickstand


  • Instructions are not available thus difficult assembly
  • Construction is cheap
  • Part for replacement need not so easily available


Owing to its price, one can expect lower ratings than average. But this option should not be completely ignored as short city rides with this bike are seamless.

Riders who require daily mobility should avail this option. This bike can be used for multipurpose and thus is a great inexpensive option. Transportation is not only about speed, but it is also about convenience and this bike offer both.

Schwinn Capitol Hybrid Bicycle

This sleek style and one of the best hybrid bikes under 200 is an ideal built. This merge of mountain and road bike offers you the freedom to commute daily to work or take it far off to peaceful riverside. It offers multi-purpose usage thus ideal for all scenarios.


As far as its built is concerned then it is comprised of a highly durable and lightweight frame which vouches for its long life against natural forces of friction. If you pose a long height then you can easily ride on its comfortable seat.

You will love the convenience offers to the riders as you can easily unlock the front wheel in no time. Loading and unloading have been thus made a simple task to accomplish.

Many riders get concerned with the stability level provided by bikes. In case of this bike offers a rider precise geometry which ensures perfect balance.

If you are questioning about the frame height then it owns a 16-inch step-through frame height. Thus, you can be sure of a convenient dismounting.

Its handlebars and adjustable seats are designed in such a way that there haven’t been troubles regarding pressure points.


  • Suspension seat post
  • Impressive wheel rims (alloy)
  • Pedals offer a great grip
  • 21 speeds
  • Good Warranty


  • One may find it hard to assemble
  • Not much easier to switch gears
  • Size is not that large


On a final note, this bike comes with average rating on Amazon. As far as the price is concerned, then it is a fair bet. There are several colors which it offers out of which lavender one doesn’t seem to accumulate much love.

If the manufacturers would work on dragging the color scheme out of senior citizen zone then this might shoot up their sales. If you are not concerned about the colors and would want decent features then this is certainly good for the price.

Murtisol Mountain Bike Commuter Hybrid Bike 26 inches Aluminum Road Bike

If you are willing to avail some really amazing bike sessions then include this in make in your list of best hybrid bikes under 200. As it offers Velo padded saddle for guaranteed comfort, steel riser handlebars for maximum control, 26-inch tires to easily maneuver around. It is performance-oriented, as it is also safe for mountainous terrains.


Hinting about its wide features then Murtisols’ Shimano design has ensured it is lightweight. One of the noteworthy features is the presence of a full suspension aluminum frame which is solid and lightweight thus ensures a smooth ride on rugged roads. With powerful front Promax brakes, 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, and rear linear-pull brakes this bike is all set to impress riders.


  • Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Durable option
  • Lightweight so easy to ride


  • Limited colors (black and white)


Murtisol has not disappointed riders and has maintained its standards in this durable, powerful, and reliable riding item.

26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike

Granite Peak Bike deserves to be on your list of best hybrid bikes under 200.


Some riders prefer a steel frame for just the right weight and this bike fulfills that criteria. Additionally, rider can expect a seamless even ride on any terrain owing to the suspension fork being fitted on the front wheel.

The comfortable seat is adjustable thus can fit the height. This durable model comprises of 18 gears so that rider can avail the smooth ride on any platform be it flat or slopey. Good gripping tires ensure an appreciable control on slippery and muddy roads.


  • Comes with 18gear
  • Affordable
  • Supper light
  • Available for both men and women


  • Comes in only a few colors


The price of this bike is wallet-friendly compared to the features it offers, thus every penny gets well-spent.


700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike, Dark Blue

Cycling enthusiast? This model can make your list of best hybrid bikes under 200. With cool alloy wheels, this hybrid bike under $200 offers a stable and reliable ride.


Adventure seekers can be all set to gear up! One can expect 7-speed twisters in this beast. Halting within seconds without jeering up is easy with this model owing to its rare and front handbrakes. With 3 cranks, this bike offers riders to avail wide choices of gears.
It is performance-oriented thus surpasses riders expectations. Maneuvering through street is now easy with this one. The seats are shaped in a highly comfortable way which serves not only leisure riders but also athletes.


  • Very efficient
  • Has high performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is very durable


  • Does not come in a variety of colors.


The bikes listed and detailed above were decently rated with the range of price they are tagged. Capabilities which these bikes offer matches with the prices and often surpass. But if you have a flexible budget then you can avail recommendation for under $500 bike as these will fill in the gap left by the cheap in budget ones.

Nevertheless, many a time in budget bikes also seems to serve its purpose for years, not only for leisure but also for athletic riders.
With the recommendations mentioned above, you can expect good comfort, durability, and weather friendliness of the bikes.
The demand for a hybrid bike is sloping up owing to its popularity and wide array of features it offers. To match the bike with your personality, you can always go for adds on like racks/carriers/carbon fiber frames, etc. Accessorize the bike accordingly and you are good to go!


Best women’s hybrid bikes under 200

 Northwoods Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension Comfort BikeSchwinn Women’s Wayfarer Hybrid BikeNorthwoods Pomona Women's Dual Suspension Comfort BikeZOYO Lady Bike Womens Bike Shimano Derailleur Hybrid Bike for Ladies Girls
Frame Lightweight aluminum frameRetro-Styled 16-Inch/Small Step-Through and 18-Inch/Medium Step-Over Steel Frames Dual Suspension Alloy Frame
High Quality Aluminum frame
BrakesLinear pull brakes Alloy front and rear V brakesLinear pull front and rear brakesV Brake
Speed21 Speed7-Speed Drivetrain7 Speed Twist Shifters7 Speed of Lady Bike
Editor's Rating8.
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Kent Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle

Kent offers best women’s hybrid bikes under 200. With no hole of doubt, it has accumulated praise with Springdale hybrid and their subsidiary Northwoods.

Its Classic look can spark a false alarm and many can deem it as a beach cruiser. But this best bike under 200 doesn’t share the same functionalities as a beach cruiser.


It offers a quite straightforward design which is not overpowering thus makes to the favorites list. The bike drips sophistication with a simple style while ensuring optimum performance.


The Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle is fitted with 700c wheel (expect it to be lightweight), owns a 21-Speed Shimano gear shifter and got riders covered with front suspension. These features ensure a flawless ride and boost flexibility. Its overall weight couple with the 21 speeds makes it a reliable option for landing you at your destination in no time.

The bike is loaded with a linear-pull brake so that you can experience an immediate stop with precision. 700C alloy rims along with the fenders make the bike ride extremely quiet and smooth. It is the common trouble to need specific tools for adjusting clamps.

But this bike makes it easy by offering unlocked seat clamps which can be quickly adjusted without the need of an external source. So, the additional features mentioned above like alloy rims, fender, rack, and quick release seat clamp adds up to a fun-filled easy ride.

Female riders can easily channel through narrow terrain owing to its aluminum frame gifting it the lightness of weight. Full steel frames sets don’t possess the robustness needs for rugged terrains but this bike has got you covered with aluminum’s strength.

This lightweight aluminum frame also ensures that the handlebars remain fixated and rooted in its position for long. Lastly, this aluminum frame owns a sporty feel owing to the wide tubing. The wideness makes the bike adequately stiff for turning and pedaling.

 Usage and comfort level:

It owns flat and quite long handlebars for a comfortable riding posture to females. They are perfectly sized, upright handlebars which make it ideal for people with short arm length.

If you want to know the ideal rider for this hybrid bike under 200 then average height ladies will make a perfect fit.

Longer jaunts gift a rider with unwelcomed back and shoulder pain. While keeping this concern in mind, Springdale’s is designed with an upright riding position for a focused ride without any tire. Additionally, its Seat absorbs road vibrations for a greater degree of comfort. So Long distances are easier to manage with Northwoods Springdale 700c.


  • Short travel front suspension
  • Shimano Tourney rear derailleur
  • Gripping tires & Wider tires ensure an even ride on rugged platforms
  • Step-through design
  • A year manufacturer warranty
  • Ease of Portability
  • Sporties feel wit Classic appeal


  • Not so precise assembly manual
  • Assembling is not that easy
  • Not much lightweight
  • Not very long-lasting(needs fine-tuning)


This bike is good for daily transportation. Though not the best choice for long commutes. Its price is within the affordability range. One may not consider it as a substitute of mountain or trail bike as it best suits coated surfaces. This is not a lightweight bike as its total weight adds up to 42 pounds.

If you want to extend the lifespan of this bike then it is recorded to get the troublesome parts replaced. There can be issues after a decent usage of failed bearings thus fine-tuning is needed to use it for a long run. Upgrading it later will be a wise decision.

Lastly, This tops the list of women hybrid bikes under $200 as it delivers more than expected. There is no doubt though that at this price point, Springdale offers a surprisingly decent value.


Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bike Review

Women needs to sparkle their attention to this best women’s hybrid bike under 200,  Schwinn Women’s Wayfare Hybrid Bike S4023D. As this is decently rated because it deserves it. Thus Schwinn Women’s Wayfare Hybrid Bike must also rank high on your list of best women’s bike under 200, as this has been loved for its performance. This quality brand offers exceptionally flawless riding experience in general.

The company’s bikes not only appeal riders for recreational purposes but for daily commuting as well. Riders don’t have to work their sweat off in assembling as that is pretty straight forward. About 40 minutes in and riders are all set for a smooth ride.

Who doesn’t look for the economical commute? Everyone does right? If you need to travel all around the town then make this bike crawl upon your list.


The bike is loved for its vintage appeal which makes it a perfect city commuter bike. It owns a slim frame which showers an elegant feel. Retro-cruiser looks usually doesn’t fail to impress many. Its ergonomic style is well oriented with a sleek combination of nice colors which drips sophistication.


With a limited lifetime warranty, this bikes comes with Schwinn rear derailleur. Classic fenders ensure a safer ride and a touch of chrome touch over its surface controls the longevity. Additionally, trickier roads can be handled with ease owing to the 7-speed mechanism.

As far as its other features are concerned that it owns a sturdy and durable steel frame which doesn’t make the bike that heavy. The bike is equipped with 26-inch wheels and durable steel alloy for greater maneuverability and control. Better traction on different types of the platform is possible owing to its sturdy tires which allows the rider for adjustable rhythm and tempo.

Add Ons

The bike includes a rack which also makes it a great choice for college students who can toss their backpack in. One can also use the rack to take the dog around or something of a similar size. Lastly, this highly demanded bike offers a comfortable ride owing to its quality seat and alloy brakes (front+rear)


  • A person with 300 pounds can easily ride on this bike.
  • High-traction tires coupled with a comfortable saddle
  • Easy assembly
  • Impressive Classic retro lightweight design
  • Improved stopping power owing to rear + front alloy pull brakes


  • Not the best bet for off-road riding
  • Limited gears (only 7)


Low ride aspect of this bike’s design doesn’t make it an ideal choice for touring out or off riding. It is more efficient on concrete than otherwise. It doesn’t have several features but this women’s bike under 200 it can be termed as a good bargain at this price.

Northwoods Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension Comfort Bike

The Northwood Pomona is a great option for best women’s bike under 200, coming from the appreciable manufacture KENT. This bike is not only performance-oriented but it also offers optimum comfort level.


You can avail either silver or green color of the Pomona bike (both are incredibly vibrant though). other than showcasing a stylish appeal, this bike offers custom made tires which enhance the degree of comfort by getting you through bumpy path smoothly. Talking about comfort level then it is known largely for it.


The efficiency of this bike gets multiplied owing to its dual suspension. Endurance level of this bike is boosted through its twist shifter.

There is a rare chance of chain jamming in this bike as this bike offers an additional safety feature of covered chains. This will also protect the chains from decay.

It comprises of lightweight materials thus it is not overall a heavy bike. One cannot mistake it for being less strong as durable steel and alloy make it a solid beast.


  • Decent features in shifters and handles
  • Adjustable seat for comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Tires offer versatile cruiser experience


  • Pedals are not that strong


Decent bike at decent price.

 ZOYO Lady/Woman’s Bike Shimano Derailleur Hybrid Bike

You can avail this one of the best women’s bikes under 200, either as 24 inches beach cruise or 26-inch road bike. The latter will offer you more versatile riding styles.


As far as the 24-inch beach cruiser is concerned then commuting is made very easy. Black beauty provides riders the ideal opportunity to leisure around. This owns quite a decent standover height owing to its step-through design.

One will agree that adjustable dual-spring saddle is comfortable but lacks in design. Riders will find saddle’s dual spring shock-absorbing capability quite helpful and praiseworthy, but one must not rely fully on it and can expect the unexpected blunt blows.


Who makes the ideal rider for this bike model? Anyone whose height ranges between 5-5.7 inches and weight to about 150 lbs. So short and small riders will love this good beginners hybrid bike.


As far as its handlebar stem and seat tube angle is concerned then it is quite short and steep thus resulting in a more seamless and comfortable ride (reduced reach length) The bike also owns short crank arms designed to provide ideal symmetric positioning. Thus no more strain on rider’s legs.


  • Comfortable & narrow Handlebars
  • 7 speeds
  • Foot-forward design
  • Coaster brakes
  • Highly Adaptable


  • Unclear assembly instructions
  • No so easy inflation of tires
  • Lacks a kickstand


Love leisure riding? This can be top your list. Black color accumulated more praises the white and red palette for the road version of this bike. If the beach cruiser would have been backed by a rear carrier then it would have been better. Apart from this, the matching fenders in both the version add on to its useful features. Reasonable prices with unquestionable features.

Note: Check the in-depth reviews of best hybrid bikes here . For  beginners hybird  bike, click here.