Looking after Road bike vs Mountain bike and thinking which bike will fit you? Some people are just made for road biking while others are solely made for a mountain bike. And Some people are those who are trying to decipher the difference between the two.

If we talk about the obvious reasons as to why some prefer mountain bike then there are few which can be without a doubt be listed. One doesn’t have to snake their way across busy roads rather they prefer no cars at all.

If seen from the health perspective then mountain bike doesn’t emit carbon dioxide which means better care of the lungs. People love the feel of trailing down the woods and zoom past the trees.

These people prefer to get hit by a tree rather than by a car. Mountain bikes are the choice of people who are fond of solitude. The peaceful commute is what people crave and enjoy. Road bikes do not provide people with opportunities of relishing outdoors at a much higher level. Let’s dig deeper into Road bike vs Mountain bike.


Which is the right bike for you – Road bike vs Mountain bike?

There are certain questions for Road bike vs Mountain bike which you should answer yourself in order to find a perfect fit.

To decide between a mountain and road bike you need to think about your fitness goals, riding plan, past experience, things you like, the importance of riding experience and your budget. The best thing is that you already have a fair idea about the riding style you are looking at.

You will find great product deals which own every detail which matches your style. There are chances that your friends possess different types of bike. In that case, you should try and test their bike.

There can be a probability of you not like a drop or flat bars. The best bet, in the end, will be to test both the road bike and the mountain bike to see what suits your taste.

Quick over review – Road bike vs Mountain bike:

Let’s hint towards Road bike vs Mountain bike. You can choose a road bike for a fast and easy commute. One must not prefer them for off roads. Now, many people go for road bikes as they don’t seem to get used to of dropped riding position.

The deal with a mountain bike is that they are not best for pavements as they are slow. One will also face a hard time pedaling on such a surface. Mountain bikes offer a cushy ride thus better wide surfaces.

Road Bikes

The Road Bikes are specifically designed for streets and paved roads. One can experience a smooth ride with these agile and light bikes. Road bikes are speed bikes which own over the handlebar posture.

Ride with it, as fast as you can and that too on surfaced roads. With light frames ride on the surfaced road with minimum effort. The road bikes possess the ability to reduce friction owing to its tall, light wheels and thin tires.

Road bikes can cover ground much more quickly thus they make an ideal choice for commuting. One can also label them a more relaxed version of endurance bikes. Road bikes cut through the air and allow maximum leg power. The road bike is made up of high polished components and owns high tolerance.


But all doesn’t fall well on its plate. Road bikes are not capable of taking abuses of mountainous terrain. With high gear range, road bike limits the rider of slow speed ride (One has to strain its nerve for that). One may not appreciate riding position of road bike for long as it can get uncomfortable of wrists and neck.

One should remain aware that road bikes are not the best bet for bad weather. The riding position is designed in a much more speed-focused way thus the riding position can be uncomfortable for some riders.

The wheels of road bikes are much lightweight which mean they are easily prone to curbs and other damages from potholes. If you are sort of a person who always prefers to carry a bit of luggage then road bikes may not be the ideal option for you. So you lack this option of carrying a hefty load.

Final Word:

If you are looking for a fun, quick and efficient ride then this option is for you. But there can be no denying that this bike can be easily damaged and one can be easily picked by thieves. If you are a casual rider then road bike doesn’t offer much of a comfortable position.  

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are used for off-road track trails. One can ride on easily on gravel and dirt paths. These are great for rolling over bumpy platforms but indeed a slow and heavy option on other pathways. You will appreciate the knobbly, aggressively tough tires which provide a firm grip on most of the surface.

A better choice for extreme streets. If you are wondering about the advantages of mountain bikes then they own beefy component which is intentionally designed in such a way to get abused. As far as frame geometry of the bike is concerned, then it is a great aid for loose climbs and steep surfaces.

These largely on stable and steep wheels which are 26”. One can avail those wheels on extreme potholes and rocks. As far as the suspension is concerned then it is controlled one, owing to the ability of tires to stay in contact. The frame and fork of a mountain bike take all the pain of road abuse and hits while offering you maximum comfort. If one is concerned about riding on loose dirt and mud, then no need to crease the forehead as wide knobbies has got you covered.

With powerful motorcycle-style discs brake, one can expect better ground control. If one will be preferring a bit expensive option for mountain bike then it mostly comes with the suspension at both ends of the bike for more stable control. If you are concerned about carrying the mountain bike on various gradients then expect a seamlessly smooth experience, all thanks to its well-designed gearing system.

The best thing about a mountain bike is that their usage is not limited to tackling just mountain ranges. One can avail these mountain bikes even for general leisure riding owing to their relaxed riding position.

Now one can question about that hard time mountain bikes can give on tarmac roads owing to its knobby tires. But one can replace the tires with slick ones for riding on tarmac road.

If you plan to spend most of the time on the road with mountain bikes then the better option will be to get cheaper mountain bikes which lack suspension. The usage of suspension on roads can make mountain bikes an inefficient choice for they carry more weight.


All the points mentioned above largely talked about the benefit which the rider can avail. Now let’s flip the side and get why mountain bikes may not be suitable. You will not appreciate the weight which mountain bikes come with. These are mainly heavier than road and hybrid bikes. Thus, this results in a tough climb. As far as the resistance is concerned then one may face rolling resistance with 26” wheels.
Knobbies tend to offer snow tire effect and suspension is not ideal. One will face inefficient pedal stroke owing to suspension. The mountain bikes are slow and one will need to put in extra effort on the paths and roads.

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Final Word:

To be precise about Road bike vs Mountain bike, mountain bikes offer a great upright position, versatile and tough ride, and great brakes for a much more controlled experience. But these are heavy so they do not make up an ideal choice on the tarmac until proper replacements are made. If you are all set to explore those untracked, new and unexplored paths then you may appreciate the buyers guide to the best mountain bikes.

Key differences – Road bike vs Mountain bike:

  • Road bicycles are lightweight while a mountain bike is much heavier owing to suspension and other heavy parts.
  • Road bikes come with drop handlebars while mountain bikes with flat handlebars.
  • Expect narrow tires on road bikes while wide/knobby ones on mountain bikes. (such tires provide great control on narrow dirt trails.)
  • Road bikes and mountain bikes differ in style. Like road bikes offer endurance and race-style while mountain ones offer hard trail, full-suspension enduro,full-suspension trail, and full-suspension cross country.